M Agency Monaco - Formula 1 Grands Prix
M Agency invite you at the trilling experience of F1 Grands Prix

World Formula 1 Championship was established in 1950. Originally ranking the best drivers, it has been joined by a ranking of car makers in 1958. 
The competition is based on race, on single-driver cars, known as Grands Prix. These racing cars usually compete on closed and permanently built circuit until took place the Monaco Grand Prix in the city.
Formula 1, commonly abbreviated to F1, is a discipline of motorsport considered as the premier class from the discipline. Over the years, it has taken a global dimension and along with the Olympics Games and Soccer World Cup, it is one of the most popular sport event. It is the technology showcase for the automotive industry while experimenting new technologies, sometimes taken from space technology and then to be adapted on everybody’s car.

In order to fully enjoy these exceptional events, we offer packages or Tailor made for several Grand Prix (not limited):

•  Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix (Principality of Monaco)

•  Monza Formula 1 Grand Prix (Italy)

•  Spa Formula 1 Grand Prix (Belgium)

So go ahead and experiment the excitement from a Grand Prix in attending these events of international renown. The sound, the speed, the show, a true F1 Grand Prix ambiance is a thrilling experience. Emotions, feelings, tension are increased tenfold, and the show of F1 action is unforgettable.
To live and enjoy such an event is an unique experience and souvenir! Within an incentive formula or a challenge package, Formula 1 Grand Prix is also an event that will remain forever engraved in the memories of your employees, customers or business partners.

For any request on a Grand Prix not listed above, do not hesitate to contact us.
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