M Agency propose to you the Spa F1 Grand Prix
Spa F1 Grand Prix - September 2018
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Speed, fast turns and thrills summarize the Belgian Grand Prix, a race to be seen at least once in the life of a Formula 1 fan. Designed in 1921 and brought up to F1 standards in 1979, this impressive tour, crossing the Ardennes hills , was both respected and feared by all the pilots who considers it to be one of the best circuits in the F1 calendar.Gp Spa circuit

Spa-Francorchamps circuit is also the longest one of all with a current length of 6.973 kilometers. Alternating long straights line and fast corners, this track is very technical. Through its banked turns, its very slow hairpin turn (The Source), and the famous Raidillon (Eau Rouge), this circuit provides to drivers and spectators with very different feelings from other circuits.

The unpredictable Belgium weather sometimes spices it up. Thus it may be raining on one part of the circuit while the other stays dry. These changeable weather conditions make it a circuit that can be mastered by only the most talented F1 pilots. In addition, Spa-Francorchamps is located in a beautiful natural area close to exciting cities, which advantageously complements the stays that we suggest.

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