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Our Services
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You might wonder why use an agency to organize a service that you may feel able to organize by yourself?

First of all, we are living in a world of expertise. Beyond our perfect knowledge of the planning, our management of imponderable, our advices on designing services to fit your desires and your target, our selected offer of services and original sites thanks to our knowledge, you can be certain to save your time while looking for providers (designers, musicians, reception hall, hotel, transfers...), so you can benefit from our network and the expertise of true professionals from the event industry in each area and while the event is finally here, you can focus on your guests and peacefully enjoy your event. We create customized services, planned from A to Z that will lead your event to success and that is the reason you should choose an agency for your organization.

So now, why choose our agency over another?

•  Our reactivity... Give us an idea of your budget, and within 48h00, we will provide you with detailed project following to your request. Ask, it is free!
•  A team at human scale...
Thus you are not just a number or worse, a turnover among many customers, you are considered regardless of your budget. A dedicated manager will follow your event and
your interlocutor from the design from your project to the finalization from your event on site, on the D-Day
•  Our services...
as you know, our main job is all about coordination, and we do it for you, like a conductor, we coordinate the different players like a team for your benefit, we therefore work with trusted providers with proven quality which are accustomed to work with us.
•  Our attention to detail...
indeed, conducting is actually not that complicated when you have the right providers and team, but organizing in detail is different, from the color of the sand for your beach party to the detail parts of your catered cocktail for your buffet, through the piano’s color of the live band, you can ask us anything. We're here to satisfy all your desires and wishes in order to customize your event as you dreamt it.
•  Our availability...
an emergency on a Sunday, a desire after midnight to pursue your party and your evening out while it was not planned, a need for organizing a romantic evening at last minute ... you will have always have someone available to listen.
•  And finally, a passionate cross-cultural team
(English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Chinese ...) coming from various backgrounds and sharing a common passion for events planning, focusing on conviviality and entertainment with professionalism and reactivity.